Mr.   Bill Taylor   P.E.    is   the   Branch   Manager   for   the   Las Vegas   office   and Area   Manager   for   our   Boise   office.   In   addition to    managing    branch    operations,    Mr.   Taylor    also    provides    materials    engineering    consulting    services.    Materials experiences   include   projects   with   construction   costs   exceeding   $2,000,000,000   and   those   requiring   a   single   test. Projects   have   included:   roadways,   airports,   dams,   high   and   low   rise   structures,   mines,   power   plants,   water   and wastewater   treatment   and   transmission,   storm   water   detention,   control,   and   transmission,   bridges,   and   erosion control.   Materials   have   included:   Portland   cement   concrete,   bituminous   concrete,   roller   compacted   concrete,   soil cement,    cement    treated    base,    controlled    low    strength    material,    soils,    aggregates,    structural    steel,    wood,    deep foundations,   and   others.   Mr.   Taylor   has   been   Chief   Materials   Engineer   of   a   company   with   over   1,500   employees, providing   technically   related   consulting   for   construction   materials   engineering   and   testing   and   has   published   technical papers   related   to   controlled   low   strength   materials   and   flexural   strength   testing   of   concrete.   Mr. Taylor   is   a   member of   the   American   Society   of   Civil   Engineers,   the   American   Society   of   Testing   and   Materials   (ASTM),   the   American Concrete   Institute   (ACI),   and   the   American   Public   Works   Association.   Mr.   Taylor   is   on   ASTM   Committee   C09   on Concrete   and   Concrete Aggregates,   Committee   D04   on   Road   and   Paving   Materials,   Subcommittee   D04.23   on   Plant Mixed    Bituminous    Surfaces    and    Bases,    and    Subcommittee    D04.95    on    Quality    Control,    Inspection,    and   Testing Agencies.    Mr.   Taylor    has    been    appointed    to    the    Construction    Industry    Panel    of   Arbitrators    by    the   American Arbitration   Association,   is   an   appointed   member   of   the   Cement   Industry   Advisory   Panel   of   the   Portland   Cement Association, and was a certified welding inspector by the American Welding Society.
William W. Taylor P.E.
Senior Vice President of Operations
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