Transportation & Infrastructure
Construction   of   various   public   works   projects   involving   new   construction,   additions,   repair   or replacement   of   existing   improvements. The   work   included   such   projects   as:   dams   and   levees, roadways,   sewer   conveyance   systems,   water   systems   (waterlines   and   reservoirs),   electrical   and gas supply systems, and storm drainage conveyance systems.
Provide   geotechnical   and   geologic   evaluations,   seismic   analysis,   groundwater   review,   foundation recommendations,    and    chemical    composition    of    site    earthen    materials.    Provide    site environmental site assessments in accordance with new ASTM (AAI) procedures. Provide   Special   Inspections   per   Chapter   17   of   the   IBC   pertaining   to:   concrete   ,   masonry, fireproofing, wood-frame, structural steel and welding.
•   Duck   Creek   Detention   Basin   •   Mountain’s   Edge   Gomer   Culvert      •   Las Vegas   Upper Wash      •   Reid   Gardner   Power   Plant   •   Le   Barron   Channel   Improvements   •   Buffalo/Starr Concrete   Berm   •   Laughlin   River   Run   Trail   •   Utility   Systems-Infrastructure   (Sewer- Water-Gas-Storm   Drain   Electric)-various   about   Las Vegas   Widening   of   MLK   Blvd.   Buffalo Rd.-Mountain’s Edge
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