Mr. Timothy   Metcalfe    is   a   GeoTek   principal   and   certified   engineering   geologist   (C.E.G.)   in   the   state   of California.   Mr.   Metcalfe   has   over   26   years   of   geological   experience,   covering   a   broad   spectrum   in   geology, engineering   geology,   and   environmental   studies.   He   has   vast   experience   in   all   aspects   of   earthwork construction,   which   include   deep   excavations,   shoring   systems,   reinforced   earth   design,   and   drainage design.    Mr.    Metcalfe    has    also    provided    expert    testimony    in    state    and    federal    courts.    He    provides management   and   technical   support   in   addition   to   hands-on   participation   for   complex   engineering   projects in the San Diego area.
Timothy E. Metcalfe, C.E.G.
Executive Vice President of Risk Management
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