Construction Materials Testing

Special Inspections

Special inspections are defined by the International Building Code (IBC) as the “inspection of construction requiring the expertise of an approved special inspector in order to ensure compliance with the code and the approved construction documents”. Special inspections includes both testing and inspection of the materials, installation, fabrication, erection or placement of components and connections to ensure compliance with the code, referenced standards adopted by the code and approved construction documents.

We at GeoTek focus on providing special inspection and material testing on a wide range of construction types of projects. GeoTek has a staff of highly trained and experienced inspectors who are able to provide a broad range of special inspections services to support any type of construction project, whether it be a simple tenant improvement or a new multi-story building. GeoTek’s field staff is accredited and certified by nationally recognized agencies including the International Code Council (ICC), American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Welding Society (AWS), and various local agencies. GeoTek became the first in Nevada to be accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS), of the ICC to perform special inspections.

Good communication between the special inspector and the designers, contractor and building department is essential to project quality assurance. Using Special Inspections and planning them in advance can significantly improve efficiency, reduce rework, and ensure quality construction. Finding non-conforming items and bringing them to the contractor and developer’s attention early is key to avoiding bigger problems later on in the development process.

Reinforced Concrete

  • Mix Design Review
  • Sample and Tag Reinforcing Steel
  • Reinforcing Steel Placement Inspection
  • Batch Plant Inspection
  • Concrete Placement and Sampling
  • Floor Flatness / Floor Levelness (FF/FL)
  • In-situ Temperature & Strength by the Maturity Method

Structural Steel Welding and Bolting

  • Review of Welding Procedure Specification
  • Material Identification
  • Shop Fabrication Welding Inspections
  • Field Welding Inspections
  • Metal Deck and SHear Stud Inspections
  • Nondestructive Testing (MT, UT, and DP)
  • High Strength Bolting Inspection and Torque Testing

Asphalt Field Testing Services

  • Placement Observation
  • Nuclear Density Compaction Testing
  • Temperature Testing and Monitoring
  • Sampling
  • Onsite Coring
  • Levelness / Thickness Verification

Waterproofing and Caulking Sealants

  • Determine Proper Material Usage and Storage
  • Inspect Substrate Conditions
  • Horizontal and Vertical Membrane Compliance
  • Observe Repairs
  • Monitor Attachment of Waterproofing to Substrate

Post-tensioned Concrete

  • Reinforcing Steel and Tendon Placement Inspection
  • Concrete Placement and Sampling
  • PT Tendon Stressing Inspection

Precast Concrete Fabrication

  • Reinforcing Steel and Tendon Placement Inspection
  • Pre-Stressing Inspection
  • Concrete Placement and Sampling

Shotcrete and Pre-Production Test Panel

  • Mix Design Review
  • Reinforcing Steel Placement and Sampling
  • Shotcrete Placement and Sampling
  • Shotcrete Pre-Production Test Panel

Masonry and Veneer Inspection

  • Mix Design Review
  • Reinforcing Steel Placement Inspection
  • Concrete Masonry Unit and Veneer Placement Observation

Spray Applied and Intumescent Fireproofing

  • Verify Substrate Preparation
  • Verify Thickness
  • Perform Density Testing of Fireproofing
  • Adhesion and Cohesion Testing

Specialized Services

  • Floor Moisture Testing (VET and RH)
  • Ground Penetrating Radar

Anchors and Dowels

  • Torque Testing
  • Proof Load Testing

Wood Framing Inspection

  • Observe Materials and Installation Operations
  • Inspect Bolts in Concrete, Size and Grade of Lumber, Nailing Patterns, Size and Type of Nails