Construction Materials Testing

Construction Materials Testing

GeoTek believes that a quality product is obtained through quality materials and workmanship and strives to provide testing and verification services throughout the construction process. GeoTek provides effective communication, timely response, and personnel who possess the technical capabilities, certification, and experience to effectively complete assigned tasks in a practical, results-oriented, and cost-effective manner. We believe that communication and test accuracy are keys to successful project completion, and we provide timely, reliable data to assure that your project is constructed as it was designed.

Earthwork Field Testing Services

  • Nuclear Density Compaction
  • Moisture Testing
  • Fill Density Probing
  • Sampling
  • Grading Observation
  • Gravity Wall Grid and Compaction
  • Subsurface Drain Observations

Concrete and Grout Field Testing Services

  • Sampling
  • Strength Testing Specimen Casting
  • Air Content
  • Slump, Spread or Flow
  • Temperature
  • Unit Weight

Asphalt Pavement Field Testing Services

  • Placement Observation
  • Nuclear Density Compaction Testing
  • Temperature Testing and Monitoring
  • Sampling
  • Onsite Coring
  • Thickness Verification