Environmental Services

Phase II ESA

A Phase II ESA investigation involves the assessment of a potentially contaminated site, which may include the collection of soil, water, (surface/groundwater) or air sample. The contaminant(s) of concern varies greatly, so the scope of work for a PHase II will vary on a case-by-case basis. GeoTek will perform an initial Phase II ESA to identify the presence or absence of contaminants, which may represent potential impact to soil and/or groundwater. If necessary, a more detailed site assessment will be conducted to characterize the extent impacted soil or groundwater.

Site Remediation

If soil and/or groundwater have been impacted on your property, requiring remedial activities, GeoTek can design and implement necessary site remediation programs to address these impacts. The design phase will include consultation with the local environmental regulatory agency and obtaining their consent and agreement for remediation activities.