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The San Diego/Vista, California based operations of GeoTek, provides professional geotechnical engineering,   geology,   environmental   consulting,   special   inspection,   construction   materials   testing, and   inspector   of   record   services   throughout   San   Diego   Region.   Our   diverse   staff   consisting   of geologists,   engineers,   environmental   assessors,   construction   inspectors,   and   technicians   provide services on construction projects including:
Our Vista construction materials testing laboratory is certified by The California Division of the State Architect,   the   cities   of   San   Diego   and   Los Angeles,   and   has   been   accredited   and   subscribes to   proficiency   sample   testing   by   the   Concrete   and   Cement   Reference   Laboratory   (CCRL)   and the AASHTO   Materials   Reference   Laboratory   (AMRL). The   laboratory   provides   a   wide   range   of tests   to   determine   various   strength   and   engineering   properties   of   soils,   concrete   and   masonry materials, spray-applied fireproofing materials, structural steel, and high strength bolt assemblies.
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