Mr.   Ryne   Stoker,   P.E.,   is   a   principal   of   GeoTek   with   over   30   years   experience.   His   professional   experience   includes   a wide   variety   of   development   projects   requiring   geotechnical,   environmental   and   material   engineering   services.   He   has been   involved   with   commercial,   industrial   and   residential   tract   development,   insurance   and   forensic   evaluations, landslide   investigations,   coastal   developments,   Environmental   Site Assessments   and   blast   monitoring.   Mr.   Stoker   is   also experienced   in   evaluating   and   providing   recommendations   for   deep   excavations   requiring   shoring,   dewatering,   and underpinning.   He   has   extensive   experience   installing   and   monitoring   different   types   of   geotechnical   instrumentation. His   responsibilities   have   also   included   inspecting   and   performing   testing   related   to   grading,   backfill,   concrete,   post- tensioned   structures,   masonry   structures,   etc.   Mr.   Stoker   has   evaluated   and   inspected   piles,   mats,   caissons,   post- tension   structures,   and   conventional   foundation   systems.   He   also   has   a   significant   background   in   the   field   of   applied hydrogeology,   evaluating   groundwater   flow,   recharge   and   safe   yield,   as   applied   in   the   management   of   groundwater resources.   Mr.   Stoker   has   evaluated   material   hardness   on   several   projects   and   assessed   chemical   concentrations   in soils   and   their   potential   effects   on   proposed   improvements   from   a   geotechnical   perspective.   He   also   has   extensive experience   analyzing   soft   soil   sites   subject   to   excessive   settlements   (primary   and   secondary)   and   the   phenomena   of hydro-consolidation,   dynamic   settlements   and   liquefaction.   In   addition   to   Mr.   Stoker’s   technical   expertise,   he   is experienced   at   project   management,   developing   client   relations,   working   with   governmental   agencies,   and   as   a member of the client’s consulting team.
Ryne C. Stoker, P.E.
President, CEO, CFO, Principal Engineer
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