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In   addition   to   the   many   homebuilders   we   are   working   with,   GeoTek’s   Corona   Branch   has performed   services   for   governmental   agencies   such   as   the   City   of   Victorville   and   Riverside County   Flood   Control   and Water   Conservation   District. We   look   forward   to   continuing   our work with our existing clients, and also are eager to assist new clients.
The   Corona   Branch   of   GeoTek   opened   its   doors   in   January   of   2005. With   full   support   of   the   entire Company,   and   a   very   experienced   and   energetic   staff,   they   have   established   a   solid   list   of   clients, including   residential   developers,   civil   engineering   firms,   industrial   builders,   single-family   homeowners, state/city/county   agencies. We   have   performed   geotechnical   services   across   both   Riverside   and   San Bernardino   Counties.   We   have   also   provided   services   in   Los   Angeles,   Orange   and   Kern   Counties. Services    provided    include;    Preliminary    Geotechnical    Investigations,    Phase    I    and    limited    Phase    II Environmental   Site Assessments   and   observation,   testing   services   related   to   earthwork   construction, utility improvements and street improvements.
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