The   construction   of   a   Master   Planned   Community   involves   many   features,   ingredients,   and   infrastructure improvements.   GeoTek   has   had   the   privilege   of   providing   engineering   services   for   these   new   urban communities   that   include   residential   living   units,   office   parks,   educational   institutions,   industrial   areas, shopping centers, drainage systems, and open space areas (both active and non-active). Working   with   new   Master   Planned   Communities,   is   like   creating   a   new   town. At   GeoTek,   we   have   had   the privilege   of   working   on   a   number   these   communities   that   total   thousands   of   acres. The   services   that   we provided   were:   geotechnical   engineering,   environmental   site   assessments,   and   construction   materials inspection    and    testing    services.   As    of    January    2007,    all    projects    have    current    construction    activity. Furthermore,   GeoTek   has   had   the   pleasure   of   working   with   the   downstream   merchant   homebuilders   for their own individual engineering services: geotechnical, environmental, & materials testing.
Mountain's Edge, Clark County, NV-3,500 Acres  Coyote Springs, Clark/Lincoln Counties, NV-40,000Acres Mountain Falls, Pahrump, NV-950 Acres Tuscany Village, Henderson, NV-640 Acres Inspirada (South Edge), Henderson, NV-2,000 Acres Southern Highlands, Clark County, NV-2,500 Acres Others not shown: Rhodes Ranch, Southwest Ranch, Anthem, Aliante