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The   Phoenix,   Arizona   office   of   GeoTek   was   established   in   2000   and   provides professional   geotechnical   engineering,   geology,   environmental   consulting,   special inspection,   and   construction   materials   testing   services   throughout   Phoenix   and   its surrounding     area.     Our     diverse     staff     consists     of     professional     engineers, environmental    assessors,    project    managers    and    administrators,    construction inspectors, and technicians.
We   are   proud   to   have   provided   our   services   on   the   following   projects   as   well   as   many others;Circle   Cross,   DC   Ranch,   Red   River   and   Belmont   Master   Planned   Communities   ASU Downtown   Student   Housing,   Province   Bridge,   Southern Avenue,   Lake   Pleasant   Parkway,   Light Rail   Retaining Walls   and   the   12th   Street   and Virginia   Bus   Bays   as   well   as   other   Public Works and   Public   Building   projects Wood   Corporate   Campus/Cleveland   Indians   Ballpark Village,   CSK Auto, Wal-Mart,   Lowe’s,   Bank   One,   Roane   Building   and   many   other   commercial   projects   Our Phoenix   construction   materials   testing   laboratory   is   certified   by The   City   of   Phoenix   and   its neighboring   cities,   has   been   accredited,   and   subscribes   to   proficiency   sample   testing   by   the Concrete   and   Cement   Reference   Laboratory   (CCRL),   the   AASHTO   Materials   Reference Laboratory   (AMRL),   and   the Arizona   Department   of Transportation   (ADOT). The   laboratory provides   a   wide   range   of   tests   to   determine   various   strength   and   engineering   properties   of soil,   concrete,   and   masonry   materials,   spray-applied   fireproofing   materials,   structural   steel,   and high strength bolt assemblies.