With    careful    attention    to    environmental,    geotechnical    and    project    management    efficiency concerns,   we   have   developed   processes   of   quality   control   and   engineering   that   positively   impact the   bottom   line   for   our   clients   –   both   in   new   construction   and   patient-active   environments. Collaborating   closely   with   the   owner,   the   design   team,   and   the   general   contractor,   we   provide valuable recommendations for cost-saving alternatives.
GeoTek   provides   geotechnical   and   geologic   evaluations,   seismic   analysis,   groundwater   review, foundation   recommendations,   and   chemical   composition   of   site   earthen   materials.   Provide   site environmental   site   assessments   in   accordance   with   new   ASTM   (AAI)   procedures.   Provide   Special Inspections   per   Chapter   17   of   the   IBC   pertaining   to:   concrete,   masonry,   fireproofing,   wood- frame, structural steel and welding.
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