J. Michael Batten, CEM,REPA,CAC
Principal Environmental Services Manger  
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Mr.   J.   Michael   Batten,    CEM,   REPA,   CAC,   is   the   Principal   Environmental   Services   Manager   for   GeoTek.      He   has   over   30   years   of environmental   experience,   throughout   which   he   has   conducted   and   managed   numerous   environmental   investigations,   assessments,   and remediations.      He   has   conducted   Phase   I   and   Phase   II   Environmental   Site   Assessments,   NEPA   assessments,   and   environmental   impact reports.      In   addition,   Mr.   Batten   has   extensive   experience   in   conducting   asbestos   and   lead-based   paint   surveys   and   preparing   management plans,   including   remediation   design,   for   asbestos   and   lead   present   in   buildings.      Mr.   Batten   holds   state   and   federal   certifications   and accreditations in environmental management, asbestos consulting, and lead-based paint consulting.