Ryne C. Stoker, PE

Principal Engineer - President & CEO


  • PE in California
  • PE in Nevada
  • PE in Arizona
  • PE in New Mexico
  • PE in Colorado
  • PE in Washington
  • PE in Oregon
  • PE in Utah
  • PE in Idaho


  • BS, Geological Engineering, University of Idaho

Ryne C. Stoker, PE serves as the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Principal Engineer at GeoTek. His professional experience includes a wide variety of development projects requiring geotechnical, environmental, and material engineering services. He is involved with commercial, industrial, and residential tract development, insurance and forensic evaluations, landslide investigations, coastal developments, Environmental Site Assessments, and blast monitoring. Stoker is experienced in evaluating and providing recommendations for deep excavations requiring shoring, dewatering, and underpinning.

Ryne grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho and became the second generation in his family to attend the University of Idaho and earn a college degree, which he received in geological engineering. Stoker moved to California to work for GeoSoils Inc. before moving to Las Vegas where he was tasked with starting a GeoSoils Inc. office. In 1997, Stoker founded GeoTek. He serves as the president and principal engineer and the company has grown into one of the largest firms of its kind in the west.

Stoker was first granted a Professional Engineering license in the state of California in 1992, subsequently Ryne became licensed in a total of 9 western states. Ryne also serves on the Post-Tensioning Institute’s Slab-on-Ground main committee, the Construction and Maintenance Subcommittee, and as chairman on the Geotechnical Task Group and was honored as a Post-Tensioning Institute “fellow” in 2014. He also serves on the U of I’s College of Engineering Advisory board where he currently serves as President and was on the steering committee for the Idaho Arena. Stoker was honored with the Vandal Scholarship Fund’s Elsbeth Bush Award for distinguished service in 2013. In addition, he was honored with the University of Idaho Alumni Association’s Silver and Gold award in 2018. He has also served on U of I’s Department of Civil Engineering Advisory Board, UNLV’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Advisory Board and on the advisory board for the Bank of Nevada.

Stoker is passionate about his time at the university and giving back, making routine visits to U of I to speak in classes, mentor groups of students, provide advice on labs and how to acquire needed funds.

When I was at the University, their tagline was 'From Here You Can Go Anywhere' I have lived that tagline. Prior to graduation from U of I, I had barely been outside the borders of Idaho. Since then, I have been able to travel and start up GeoTek. I have lived a charming life. That is part of why I am committed to giving back to the University, because it is what got me to where I am today.

Ryne Stoker has a catchphrase of his own, one that has stuck with him since he first heard it as a boy scout.

"Go do well, then do good."

The meaning of do well is do well in your career, take care of yourself and your family - create what you define as doing well. The meaning of do Good is pretty straight forward, basically give back; either with coin or effort - both have great value - to causes that you feel are worthy, and there are plenty of worthy causes out there.

One of Stoker's causes is the University of Idaho and in 2005 he established the Roger C. Stoker and Ryne C. Stoker Endowment to support civil engineering students.