Ross Bowman

Inspections Manager - Soils Special Inspections


  • ICC Commercial Building
  • ICC Commercial Plumbing
  • ICC Commercial Mechanical
  • ICC Fire Code I
  • ICC Fire Code II
  • ICC Reinforced Concrete
  • ICC Soils
  • ACI Post Installed Anchors
  • ACI Concrete Field
  • Nuclear Density Gauge / Hazmat Training
  • Clark County Registrations
    • Reinforced Concrete
    • Adhesive Anchors
    • Deep Foundation
    • Hillside Grading
    • Critical Soils
    • Soil Stabilization


  • BS, Civil Engineering, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Ross leads the Soils Special Inspection department staff of 40+ personnel along with the assistance of his diligent supervisors. Compounding his 15+ years of inspection, drilling, laboratory, and forensic experience, the challenges faced in the soils industry are comfortably within his wheelhouse. Versatility accomplished via experience-based Certifications / Registrations in both soils and materials allowed him an advantageous perspective throughout the various stages of the construction process.

Born in Salt Lake City, growing up in San Diego and then eventually moving to Las Vegas, Ross enjoys the luxury of water nearby to boat with his family and friends. Camping, skiing, and touring via electric recreational equipment are his frequented hobbies.