7950 Meadowlark Way Suite E Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815 Phone (208) 904-2980 Fax (208) 904-2981 Email CDA@geotekusa.com 
The   Idaho   Coeur   d’Alene   Branch   of   GeoTek   was   established   in   2012.      Our   Coeur   d’Alene office   provides   professional   geotechnical   engineering,   construction   materials   engineering, testing,   and   inspection   services,   and   environmental   services   including   Phase   I,   Phase   II,   and Nutrient   Pathogen   studies.      Our   local   staff   consists   of   experienced   and   qualified   individuals who include registered   engineers   and   geologists,   ICC   certified   building   construction   special   inspectors, Idaho   Transportation   Department,   ITD,   qualified   inspectors,   Western   Alliance   for   Quality Transportation     Construction,    WAQTC,     qualified     Sampler/Testers,     and     environmental scientists.     With   very   experienced   staff,   the   Boise   office   has   established   many   clients   including state,    county,    and    city    agencies,    residential    and    commercial    developers,    engineering    and architectural   design   firms,   construction   contractors,   materials   suppliers,   and   construction management companies.
Our   office   has   a   full   service   materials   testing   laboratory   capable   of   providing   most   of   the tests   we   anticipate   that   our   clients   will   require,   including   soils,   aggregates,   concrete,   and   hot mix   asphalt.     This   laboratory   is   qualified   through   ITD’s   Laboratory   Qualification   Program   and accredited   by   the American Association   of   State   Highway   and Transportation   Officials.      Our laboratory   operates   under   our   Quality   System   Guidelines   Manual   with   quality   systems   that include   participation   in   the   Proficiency   Sample Testing   on   On-Site Assessment   programs   by the    Concrete    and    Cement    Reference    Laboratory    (CCRL)    and    the   AASHTO    Materials Reference   Laboratory   (AMRL).      We   also   have   the   capability   to   provide   a   qualified   mobile field laboratory if necessary.