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Environmental Services
GeoTek's    experienced    staff    of    environmental    specialists    are    able    to    conduct    Phase    I    Environmental    Site Assessments     (ESA),     Phase     II     Subsurface     Investigations,     Federal     Communication     Commission     National Environmental   Protection Act   (FCC-NEPA)   10-Point   Checklist Assessments,   and   Hazardous   Materials   permitting. GeoTek’s   wide   range   of   environmental   services   are   devised   to   provide   you   with   the   information   you   need   to make   informed   decisions   regarding   the   purchase,   sale,   lease,   development   and   upkeep   of   your   properties. GeoTek’s   environmental   personnel   have   extensive   experience   in   all   aspects   of   environmental   assessments   on property throughout much of the United States. PHASE I ESAs The scope of the Phase I ESA varies according to clients’ needs, but generally includes the following elements: Visual    inspection    and    documentation    of    the    property    and    its    operations    for    existing    or    potential environmental hazards. Visual observation and evaluation of adjacent properties for likelihood to impact the subject property. Interviews and review of various sources of documentation regarding current and historical uses. Review of regulatory database records. GeoTek’s Phase I ESAs are performed in general compliance with ASTM E1527-00. PHASE II SUBSURFACE INVESTIGATIONS A   Phase   II   investigation   involves   the   assessment   of   a   potentially   contaminated   site   through   the   sampling   of subsurface   features.   GeoTek   will   perform   a   comprehensive   and   detailed   site   assessment   to   identify   and   to characterize   site   conditions   and   potential   impacts   to   soil   and/or   groundwater.   GeoTek   also   has   experience designing and implementing remediation systems that satisfy federal, state, and local regulations. GeoTek   has   performed   hundreds   of   National   Environmental   Protection Act   (NEPA) Assessments   for   numerous telecommunications    providers.    The    NEPA    Assessments    are    conducted    according    to    the    10-point    FCC Environmental Compliance Checklist, which addresses the following areas: 1. Wilderness Area Records Review 2. Wildlife Area Records Review 3. Threatened or Endangered Records Review 4. Proposed Threatened or Endangered Records Review 5. Historic Districts, Buildings, Sites, Structures, or Objects Records Review 6. Native American Religious Sites 7. Flood Plains Records Review 8. Proposed Construction Activity and its impact on surface features 9. Zoning & Lighting 10. Radio Frequency Radiation The     following     reports     are     generally     conducted     for     all     new     and     co-located     cell     tower     sites, amplification/regeneration   sites,   and   the   installation   of   network   cable   lines.   Our   services   are   conducted   in   general conformance   with   the   FCC’s   interpretation   of   the   National   Environmental   Policy Act   of   1969. The   FCC   NEPA   10- point   Checklist   Assessment   will   identify   which,   if   any,   of   these   criteria   are   significant   to   the   property   and   will provide either a Standard NEPA Report or a Detailed NEPA Report summarizing our findings.