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GeoTek   personnel   have   provided   engineering   and   scientific   investigation,   design,   and   construction oversight   on   CERCLA,   RCRA,   and   State   standards   contaminated   and   containment   sites   throughout   the western United States.   Mine   Site   Cleanup   -   GeoTek   staff   has   over   25   years’   experience   on   Super-fund   mine   site   cleanup including remedial investigations, designs, actions, and long-term remedy sustainability.   Landfill   Development   and   Closure   -   GeoTek   personnel   has   over   25   years’   experience   working   on Subtitle C & D landfills; Special Incinerator Ash Landfills; and low level Radiation Landfills. Contaminated   Property   and   Brownfields   -GeoTek   staff   has   over   20   years   working   with   communities impacted   by   industrial   and   commercial   wastes.      We   have   utilized   source   removals   and   treatment coupled    with    redevelopment    to    achieve    productive    property    reuse,    regulatory    compliance,    and protection of public health, safety, and the environment. Stream   Restoration   and   Flood   Control   - We   have   over   25   years’   experience   investigating,   modeling,   and designing   impacted   streams   restoration   with   natural   channel   and   geomorphic   approaches.      We   have modeled   and   designed   high   velocity   flood   control   system   through   Super-fund   sites   and   impacted   areas addressing protection of remedies, property, and public safety. GeoTek’s   personnel   have   experience   on   projects   under   EPA   and   State   jurisdictions   involving   both public and private owners.  Projects have included industrial sites, mine sites, and impacted communities GeoTek   staff   has   provided   engineering   analysis,   design,   and   construction   oversight   for   stream   and   river restoration   projects   throughout   the   expanded   Pacific   Northwest.      Our   projects   have   included   CERCLA sites, Wildlife   Management Areas,   public   lands,   and   private   property.     We   have   worked   closely   with   fish biologist,   wetland   specialists,   geomorphologists,   regulators,   and   owners   to   provide   a   complete,   naturally function hydrologic system.