Mr.   David Waite    is   the   Branch   Manager   of   the   Idaho   office   and   a   registered   professional   engineer   (P.E.)   in   the   states of   Idaho   and   Nevada.   Mr.   Waite   has   over   10   years   of   geotechnical   engineering   and   construction   management experience   as   well   as   environmental   service   experience   for   commercial,   public   works,   transportation,   hotel,   and residential    projects.    His    experience    for    various    projects    includes    materials    testing,    settlement    analysis,    bearing capacity   analysis,   pavement   design,   retaining   wall   design,   slope   stability   analysis,   percolation   testing,   and   forensic investigations   as   well   as   value   engineering,   plans   and   specification   review,   identifying   construction   and   design   errors, and   production   progress   tracking   and   final   reports.   Mr. Waite   serves   as   the   Geotechnical   Department   Manager   as well as provides support and management for the construction materials testing and environmental services.
Dave Waite P.E.
Boise Branch Manager/Project Engineer
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