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Since   1997,   GeoTek   has   grown   from   37   employees   to   over   255   employees   at   the   end   of   2005   and we   continue   to   grow.      This   is   the   result   of   talented   and   dedicated   staff   working   toward   a   common goal.   People   of   diverse   talents   and   knowledge   come   together   and   compliment   each   other   to   deliver success for clients and employees. GeoTek    offers    competitive    salary,    great    benefits;    professional    growth    and    whenever    possible promotes   from   within   the   organization.   GeoTek   attracts   new   employees   by   being   a   leader   in   our industry   and   by   providing   employees   with   policies   and   benefits   that   are   fair   and   just.      It   is   GeoTek's objective   to   provide   all   employees   with   working   conditions   and   benefits   that   contribute   to   their continued   safety   ,   health   and   general   welfare.   We   strive   to   maintain   a   climate   that   will   aid   and encourage each employee to develop to his or her maximum potential. Employees   own   GeoTek.      As   the   company   has   grown   so   has   the   ownership.      Key   employees   from all   segments   (technical   professionals,   field   staff,   administrative   personnel)   of   the   company   have been offered ownership opportunities. With    6    offices    in    the    Western    United    States,    we    offer    individuals    opportunities    in    a    variety    of locations and disciplines.