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GeoTek   is   a   solutions   oriented   engineering   consultant   that   provides   not   only   inspection   and testing,   but   also   materials   engineering   services.      Our   experienced   engineers   have   the   specialized expertise   to   use   the   inspection   and   testing   data   to   develop   engineering   opinions   and   solutions.     These   registered   engineers   also   oversee   our   internal   quality   systems   and   certified   inspectors and technicians to assure our clients have information and test results upon which they can rely. Materials    engineering    services    also    include    trial    batching,    field    and    laboratory    testing,    and engineering   analysis   to   develop   mix   proportions.   Our   materials   engineers   often   work   with   our geotechnical   engineers   during   the   design   phase   to   determine   the   suitability   of   on-site   aggregates for use in airport construction and the feasibility of developing these sources. Inspections   and   field   and   laboratory   testing   are   performed   by   our   certified   inspectors   and technicians   under   the   supervision   of   our   registered   engineers.   All   of   our   laboratories   are AASHTO   accredited   and   all   of   our   equipment   meets   the   applicable   testing   standards   and   is currently calibrated.